Kendrick’s Bride On The Run Audiobook

Kendrick’s Bride On The Run Audiobook

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About the Book

Kendrick has always been a defender of the weak–but he cannot defend his heart against falling in love with the runaway bride!

Widower Abner Randolph is the father of five sons, and he’s in despair. Having lost his own wife fourteen years ago, he’s brought up his sons all alone. They’re now all grown up, but none of them seems inclined to find a wife and settle down. Abner turns to his good friend for help and is introduced to someone who changes the lives of all five men forever….

This is the story of the third son and the brave woman who won his heart.

Willow’s stepfather is dead, and his shady brother wants to seize her sisters and take them away. Her only option to save her siblings is to run to safety. Somewhere far away.

Kendrick Randolph is 25 and has always been the defender of the helpless.

A chance meeting with Willow and her sisters presents Kendrick with a dilemma. One thing is for sure, he can’t leave them at the mercy of their pursuers.

But Kendrick’s biggest fear is that he will become a runaway himself. Runaway in love with Willow’s selfless ways and matchless beauty!

Can Kendrick protect the three fugitives? Will his own defenses fail him and his heart finally succumb to Willow’s attraction?

Genre: Western Contemporary
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Nicole Zomer
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Kendrick’s Bride On The Run Audiobook
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