Jessica Courageous Bride Audiobook

Jessica Courageous Bride Audiobook

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About the Book

Jessica Winters’ father is a stubborn and onerous man. In his drive to make his mark, he drags his family west, only to be slain on the treacherous trail, leaving his daughters to defend themselves in the open wilds.

No horses, no wagon. No hope but in God.

When the sheriff’s son, Nicolas Holloway, discovers the girls sheltering in a cave, it takes a sensitive heart to coax them out. But there is more that Nicholas wants to coax from this gentle and courageous girl—the answer to a question he will ask only one special woman.

Jessica’s adventurous story is just one of the amazing tales of Young Love Historical Romance by number-one best-selling clean Christian romance author, Terri Grace. Each story is a great listen in itself, and can be listened to alone or as part of this one-of-a-kind series.

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Genre: Western Contemporary
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Stephanie Quinn
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Jessica Courageous Bride Audiobook
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