It’s All in the Details

It’s All in the Details

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About the Book

An explosion at the Crystal Grill leads amateur sleuth Molly Gertrude and her sidekick Dora to question whether it is really an accident and uncover another Calmhaven cozy mystery.

Molly Gertrude is sick. Not a good thing. Dora is especially worried when Doctor Pane decides to send the old sleuth to Calmhaven’s main hospital.

Problems always come in bunches, as right then there is an explosion at the Crystal Grill.

A gas leak, it’s obvious.

An unfortunate accident killing two innocent people.

But was it an accident and were the two people that died really blameless?

Even the hospital can’t keep Molly Gertrude down and she sends Dora and her police friend Digby to investigate. Will Molly’s suspicions prove to be real?

Join Molly Gertrude for a brand new mystery, and uncover the hidden secrets of Calmhaven…

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: Mystery
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2022
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It’s All in the Details
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