For A Love So True Audiobook

For A Love So True Audiobook

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Mary Murray has seen her family lifted from poverty when her second brother Mark marries the lovely Amanda. She now has an attractive dowry and men begin seeking her hand in marriage, but she refuses to accept any of them.

She wants what her own parents had, what her brothers George and Mark have with their own wives. True love is what she craves, and she has found the subject of her affections, but he doesn’t even spare her a single glance.

Elias Cartwright is still in shock after his father dies and their estate crumbles. His mother is badly affected, given her advanced age, and the last thing he’s looking for is a rich and spoilt socialite as a wife.

He is determined to find a way to solve all their financial problems without marrying a rich woman whose family might control him. But his determination is no match for true love, which strikes him hard.

Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Tara-Louise Kaye
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For A Love So True Audiobook
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