Enraptured Regency Romance

Enraptured Regency Romance

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Get ready for a triple helping of enraptured Regency romance – three lavish stories in one love-charged boxset.

Worlds collide in these three tales of unexpected love. If you enjoy clean Regency romance that warms the heart and breaks down society’s walls, you will enjoy this super triple bill of Regency tales by bestselling Amazon author Charity McColl.

Included for your enraptured enjoyment:

For The Love of A Lord

Lillian Craig has been governess to the twin boys for only one week, when their parents are killed in a fire that destroys their home. Having no other living relatives that are known, the church offers them temporary refuge.

Lord Errol Campbell is surprised when someone from his past makes him guardian to her twin sons. A shock awaits him when he discovers that the boys are his dead brother’s sons, born to a woman whom he never married.

He’s torn between accepting the boys, and his jealous fiancée who wants nothing to do with them especially because of their beautiful governess.

Whom will he choose?

Can Errol turn his back on his brother’s orphaned sons, but what does that mean for his engagement and his future?

Taming the Lady

Lady Abigail is a spoilt and selfish noblewoman who thinks everyone should bow to her every whim and desire! In trouble and friendless, an unexpected meeting with shadows from her past shines a light on her selfishness.

Will the lady turn or continue in her selfish trajectory? David Birch, the second son of a duke is an injured soldier with no prospects.

Upon being discharged from the British Army, he finds himself sharing a house with Abigail, a woman so proud he can barely stand to be in the same room with her.

When inexplicable changes in both their lives herald a most unexpected change of heart, the prospect of love whispers to them both.

Is there too much murky water under the bridge for their hearts to grasp the possibility of a new life together?

Will Abigail’s harsh ways resurface, and can the broken soldier dare to trust again?

To Delight a Duke

Abandoned but holding tight to her integrity and her faith, Antoinette Martineau seeks to right the dastardly wrongs perpetrated by her unscrupulous father.

Sometimes honesty does not pay, or so it seems. Lord Richard Foxworth, the Duke of Hampshire is deeply embittered.

His estate is in jeopardy by a man who seduced his aunt and stripping her of dignity and wealth in one foul swoop. When he catches the young woman he believes was the conman’s accomplice, he sees only one course of action – avenge his aunt to the full extent of the law!

Can his mother’s heartfelt intervention prevent him from making the gravest mistake of his life?

And can the failing Foxworth fortunes be turned around once again?

Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2023
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Enraptured Regency Romance
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