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Devoted Audiobook

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It’s 1867 and sparks are flying in the small frontier town of Firestone, Montana. Gutsy but God fearing Virginia “Ginny” Douglas arrives off the mail coach to meet the man who will be her husband.

Manly Forsythe appears with his wagon to take her first to the church and then to his mountain homestead.

Ginny has her own ideas for her future though. She won’t go anywhere with him, let alone marry him, until she’s seen her new home for herself. She books a room for herself, with her own money, in the local hotel, until he can take her to see the homestead. Only then will she agree to marry him.

Manly must spend the night in the livery stable. Things do not go as planned, however, and on their way to view the homestead, Ginny and Manly find themselves thrown into danger and uncertainty.

They must trust and rely on each other, and in God, beyond anything they ever thought possible before they can live happily ever after as man and wife.

This beautiful tale of strength, love, and faith against all odds will have you on the edge of your saddle!

The exciting new Frontier Love trilogy follows the struggles of Mail Order Bride, Ginny Douglas, and pioneer cowboy, Manly Forsythe, as they overcome every challenge to finally find a love that will last forever.

This book is a great standalone listen, but if you would like to follow the story further, take a look at….

Book 1: Mail Order Bride: Devoted: A Gutsy Girl for the Wild Man of Forgotten Valley

Book 2: Mail Order Bride: Desire: Mail Order Wedding Gate Crashed by a Bandit

Book 3: Mail Order Bride: Delight: Montana Storm and the Bandit Love Stealer

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Kathy Fox Vancil
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Devoted Audiobook
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