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Delight Audiobook

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The trials and conflicts leading Ginny Douglas and Manly Forsythe to wedded bliss pale in comparison to the dangers and challenges ahead of them.

They wake up on their wedding morning surrounded by the blessed glow of contentment and fulfilment, but they still have the journey back to their homestead to get through.

Demons from Ginny’s past, the unpredictable mountain environment, and their own untried relationship all converge on the newlyweds to test them to the limit of their endurance.

Can their new marriage survive a lifetime of uncertainty in a few days? Will they reach their destination alive and with their love intact?

Join Ginny and Manly one final time for this breathtaking conclusion to the Frontier Love Trilogy.

The exciting new Frontier Love trilogy follows the struggles of Mail Order Bride, Ginny Douglas, and pioneer cowboy, Manly Forsythe, as they overcome every challenge to finally find a love that will last forever.

This is a great standalone book, but if you want to listen to the full series here they are….

The Frontier Love Trilogy consists of:

Book 1: Mail Order Bride: Devoted: A Gutsy Girl For The Wild Man Of Forgotten Valley

Book 2: Mail Order Bride: Desire: Mail Order Wedding Gate Crashed By A Bandit

Book 3: Mail Order Bride: Delight: Montana Storm And The Bandit Bride Stealers

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Kathy Fox Vancil
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Delight Audiobook
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