Damsel’s Deliverer Audiobook

Damsel’s Deliverer Audiobook

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About the Book

Falsely tarred as a blundering baby killer by an unscrupulous doctor, Nurse Catherine is left with no other avenue of escape but to run from the city.

When she arrives at Fort Peck to meet William Davis, a gentle but manly hunter-come-homesteader, her aching self-doubt threatens to dash her chances of true love.

It is only through the midnight pleas of a terrified stranger that Catherine’s true courageous colors blaze through.

Catherine not only experiences her own deliverance but becomes a deliverer of new life on the wild frontiers of Fort Peck!

Medicine and murder, scandalous lies and sweetening love, little kindnesses and babies first cries, will all leave you cheering for Fort Peck’s new Medicine Mother.

The Beauty For Ashes Inspirational Romance Collection are stirring stories of despairing Mail Order Brides pulled from the ashes by loving Western husbands.

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Serena Travis
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Damsel’s Deliverer Audiobook
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