COURAGEOUS Prayer Journal for Women of God

COURAGEOUS Prayer Journal for Women of God

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About the Book

COURAGEOUS Prayer Journal for Women of God – A Spirit-Filled Prayer Journal for Strong Women of Faith & Devotion includes over 200 inspirational Scripture verses and quotes from great men and women through the centuries to fuel your own fervent and faithful prayer life, an easy-to-follow 52 Week Bible Reading Plan, and carefully chosen faith-filled resources to feed your devotion.

You will also enjoy beautifully illustrated motivation straight from the Bible, prayer prompts and some hidden surprises!

Designed especially for bold women of God just like you, this is a personal prayer journal for daughters of the King! A precious place to record your encounters with your Father in Heaven, and equip yourself for victorious living as a much-loved child of God.

Also includes complimentary online devotional material to help your prayer life flourish (all available directly through the links in your new journal)

With over 200 generous 10 x 8” pages this specially designed Courageous Prayer Journal For Women of God will become your daily companion, and a place for vision, devotion and remembrance of your heavenly Father’s kind words to you as you walk with Him through this season of life.As well as ample space for your own journaling, this unique personal journal is packed with abundant extras to feed your fire of devotion

• Over 100 carefully chosen Scripture Verses

• Inspiring Prayer quotes from mighty men & women of prayer through the centuries

• Scripture-rich resource Pages for use in prayer times such as In Christ Scriptures, the Names & Titles of GodHow To Pray Through the Tabernacle and more.

• Easy to follow 52-Week Bible Reading Plan – Read through the Old and New Testament in one year and tick off each day as you go.

Each journal entry spread includes:

1. Date…The journal is beautifully versatile, and not tied to any strict program. Each walk with God is personal, and our schedules and preferences are as unique as we are. Use it daily, weekly – whatever fits with your own spiritual journey with Jesus at this time.

2. Thank You, Lord…A place for answered prayers and appreciation of God’s faithfulness!

3. A Place to Record Scriptures …As a woman of the Word, the Holy Spirit will highlight Scriptures to you, the weapons of your warfare and wonderment. Make sure you never forget what He points out and jot them down here!

4. Inspiration for Your Prayer Journey & Growth …Heart-stirring quotes from great men and women of faith, carefully chosen to fuel your own walk with God each day.

5. Your Journal…Plenty of room to record what you and your Father in Heaven have been talking about.

6. Prayer Scriptures…Encouragement directly from the Bible to continue praying and never give up!

ALSO INCLUDES – Answered Prayer Pages Your personal diary of divine interventions, a memorial to the faithfulness of God and the power of prayer.

Start recording and celebrating your growing intimacy with God today. This beautifully illustrated and faith-filled journal is the perfect companion.

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Genres: Journals, Prayer Journals For Women
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2023
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COURAGEOUS Prayer Journal for Women of God
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