Cotton Girl Orphan & The Stolen Man

Cotton Girl Orphan & The Stolen Man

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The Winchester home hides a terrible secret for the Cotton girl orphan, one that will change her life forever. **FREE to Read On Kindle Unlimited**

There is a love so strong that it transcends distance and time. When Salome Cotton and Oliver Burnham meet as children, a deep and abiding friendship forms between them. With all the hopes and dreams of childhood, the two have no idea what forces of evil are working against their destinies.

A series of fateful twists and turns bring Salome to the house of the Winchesters. The darkness of the house is apparent in their ill-treatment of their servants, but when a helpless man is discovered hidden in a dungeon below the house, a fearful history unfolds.

Who is the hidden man? And how does his story connect with the Cotton girl and her search for the one she loves?

Join Rosie Swan for her brand new thrilling Victorian romance novel, and find out the secrets of the hidden man.

Genre: Victorian Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2021
ASIN: B09541FBN6
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Cotton Girl Orphan & The Stolen Man
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