Contemporary Christmas Romance Box Set

Contemporary Christmas Romance Box Set

Free to Read on Kindle Unlimited – Join us for six seasonal stories filled with the warmth of Christmas. Three bestselling authors deliver two beautiful stories each in a bargain bundle.Included in this multi-author set...Her First Christmas – Liberty GainesIn 22 years, Linda Patterson has never...

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Free to Read on Kindle Unlimited – Join us for six seasonal stories filled with the warmth of Christmas. Three bestselling authors deliver two beautiful stories each in a bargain bundle.

Included in this multi-author set…

Her First Christmas – Liberty Gaines

In 22 years, Linda Patterson has never been allowed to celebrate Christmas. Not even once! Will her new job at a local church fulfill her dream?

When she finds a job as an assistant clerk in a church her desire is to enjoy the good things she was denied.

Allan Campbell is the assistant pastor of a church, and he’s beginning to wonder whether he’s serving in the right place or not. That is until Linda shows up with a hunger and thirst for the things of God that renews his hope for the congregation.

When the two of them meet, ministry and mission work bring them closer, and their love for God leads to a growing love for each other – and to a First Christmas neither of them will ever forget!

Triple Christmas Blessings – Liberty Gaines

A real man. Faithful woman. A lonely child. And a God who answers!

Five years ago, on Christmas Eve, Collin Watson lost his two-year-old son, a kidnapping that left him in despair. This year he is praying for a Christmas miracle.

Mabel Green is a teacher who doesn’t know why she is drawn to the 7 year old boy who just joined her class at the beginning of the year. She is single and longs to find a man who will love her deeply, and she prays that this Christmas she won’t be alone.

Taylor Brown has known a lot of pain in his short. He longs to find a good family who will take him in so he can have a wonderful Christmas this year.

Three yearning hearts brought together by the magic and love of Christmas.

Christmas With a Stranger – Misty Shae

Tamara Fields is an author who enjoys being alone. Neal Harrow is a long-haul truck driver looking for change of pace. A Christmas Eve blizzard brings them together and they’re unexpectedly forced to realize truths about themselves they never wanted to face before and feelings for one another they’re too afraid to pursue.

Their Christmas Miracle – Misty Shae

Kenneth Hopkins finds himself alone on the train for Christmas, fearing he will never know true love again. Natalie Porter and her son, Tommy are traveling to Chicago so that she can give birth to a child that she can’t keep. When Tommy goes missing on the train, Natalie and Ken cross paths in the search to find her son, but end up finding so much more in each other.

Amish Christmas Story – Grace Given

A gentle couple, an Amish community and… an unruly son. Clement Litwiller has no desire to follow in his father’s footsteps but doesn’t realize that his choices have consequences for all he claims to love. Edrei and Chloe Litwiller find themselves shunned and have to find refuge in a lonely cabin on top of a hill, far away from the life they used to live.

Will the true spirit of Christmas bring solace to this wounded family, and can miracles really happen at this most wonderful time of the year? A tale of snow, suspense and faith that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Christmas Star – Grace Given

Sarah Beiler is a vibrant young Amish woman who teaches at the school she once attended as a child. Tom is the principal of the school. At first, the two seem as different as night and day, but Sarah finds herself unexpectedly drawn to him.

Eventually, Tom finds himself head over heels in love with Sarah, but in order to be with her, he will have to leave his Englisher world behind, be baptized into the Amish church and join the community.

Will his love for Sarah be strong enough to make him want to become a permanent part of her Amish world?

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Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2019
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Contemporary Christmas Romance Box Set
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