Can Love Be Born Again?

Can Love Be Born Again?

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About the Book

Only a few short days after marrying the love of her life, Rhonda Marshall is left a widow. Private First Class Gabriel Parker, best friend and right-hand man to Major David Marshall, is entrusted to deliver the terrible news. He also brings a message from Rhonda’s dead husband.

He wants the Gabriel and Rhonda to take care of each other.

Rhonda is afraid to open her heart because she thinks Gabe is staying with her out of an obligation to David. Gabe is also afraid that Rhonda might make comparisons between him and David, and he will fall short. He knows how deep the love the two shared was.

Can love be born again? Can grief give way to hope and a new future open up for Gabe and Rhonda? You will need to read this powerful love story to find out.

Genre: African American
Tags: African American, Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2020
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Can Love Be Born Again?
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