Belle & The Meade Brothers

Belle & The Meade Brothers

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About the Book

On the edge of the Civil War two brothers find themselves in a raging battle of their own making. Bitter rivalries tear them apart with no hope of reconciliation. Until Belle shows up…

But what does this young school teacher have to do with the story of Matthew and Clarence Meade and their rivalry? Not much in the beginning, but as our story unfolds something occurs that no one in Charleston would have ever thought possible. Some would even call it a miracle!

This is the touching tale of Matthew, Clarence and Belle, a heartfelt Western love story of fear, hate, faith and forgiveness.

Step inside this deep and daring family saga with bestselling Western author, Terri Grace – the story of Belle & The Meade Brothers. You won’t be disappointed…

Genre: Western Historical
Tags: Romance, Terri Grace Standalone Titles
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2020
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Belle & The Meade Brothers
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