Another Molly Grey Cozy Mystery Collection

Another Molly Grey Cozy Mystery Collection

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**BIG BOXSET OF WHOLESOME COZIES** Join the gentle ageing owner of the Cozy Bridal Agency and her enthusiastic assistant, Dora Brightside, as they take on six more mysteries. Will you be able to solve them as well?

If you like light, clean, Cozy Mysteries with a cat-loving sleuth, quirky characters, and unexpected surprises you will love this special collection of clean cozy mysteries.

This super sleuthing collection includes five full stories from the Molly Grey library plus a special Bonus story

Sweet Meadows Murder

When the minister of Sweet Meadows is swept up in the flames of his burning church, most said it was a tragic accident. Molly Gertrude thinks otherwise. But can she find the hand that sparked the flame?

Feline Fur & Funerals

In the far distance, the man heard the howling wail of a police siren. He chuckled. By the time the police arrived, he would be far gone. Another mission accomplished! He heaved a sigh of relief and disappeared out of sight around a corner.

But is the thief safe? Not if it’s up to Miss Molly Gertrude Grey and her faithful assistant, Dora Brightside. This time armed with Molly Gertrude’s adorable cat Misty. Join our unstoppable amateur sleuths, and their feline sidekick, as they prove once again that at least in Zalmhaven, crime really doesn’t pay.

Ocean Bliss and Grisly Bits

It’s been a while since Miss Molly Gertrude Grey and Dora Brightside had a mystery to solve and it is beginning to eat at Molly Gertrude. The answer to Molly’s prayers comes sailing in when they are asked to plan the wedding of the son of wealthy scientist Mace Brick on a paradise Island in the Indian ocean.

There’s only one catch… There’s a murderer on board the ship. There are no police around, but that’s when Molly Gertrude is at her best! Join us as we embark on a Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery you will never forget.

It’s All in the Details

An explosion at the Crystal Grill leads amateur sleuth Molly Gertrude and her sidekick Dora to question whether it is really an accident and uncover another Calmhaven cozy mystery.

The explosion at the Crystal Grill is an unfortunate accident killing two innocent people. But was it an accident and were the two people that died really blameless?

Christmas Cake Murder

A cozy Christmas fundraiser becomes a crime scene. Three amateur sleuths must race to clear their names. Will our delightful detectives spend Christmas behind bars?

Courtney, Sammy, and Emily are on the case to prove their innocence and find the culprit. Will you spot Molly’s fleeting appearance as she helps her fellow amateur sleuths find the real culprit?

Bonus Story: Booked For Murder

Leaving a stressful career in high-tech finance to become a bookseller seemed like a grand idea. But Tiffany Knight’s dream of a peaceful life is upturned when UPS delivers a mystery package. Following the box comes a stream of strange arrivals, all wanting to purchase its contents and who stop at nothing to get their hands on it.

Thus begins a who-done-it mystery where Tiffany and her partner, Logan, are forged together to find a bookstore killer!

If you enjoy good, clean cozy mysteries with positive characters and keep-you-guessing storylines, grab ‘Another Molly Grey Cozy Mystery Collection’ Today!

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: Mystery
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2023
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Another Molly Grey Cozy Mystery Collection
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