An Emily Cherry Cozy Mystery Boxset

An Emily Cherry Cozy Mystery Boxset

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About the Book

Emily Cherry may be retired, but she’s far from ready to fade into the background! Defying the doubts of her three adult children, this spirited grandma embarks on an unexpected journey that transforms her into an age-defying amateur sleuth!

Get ready to lose sleep as you settle into your favorite chair for all ten thrilling adventures in this senior sleuthing series. You won’t be able to put it down!

Included for your delight and enjoyment:

Book 1 – A Troubling Case of Murder on the Menu: Retired Emily Cherry becomes an accidental sleuth when she discovers a dead body during her first food blog review.

Book 2 – A Crafty Case of Murder At The Fair: Emily unravels a murder mystery at a craft fair while sharing her love of arts and crafts with her granddaughters.

Book 3 – A Hairy Case of Murder At The Animal Sanctuary: Emily uncovers a mystery while volunteering at a pet shelter after her blog fans go wild over photos of a cat named Rosemary.

Book 4 – A Clean & Tidy Case of Murder – A Truly Messy Mystery: Emily enlists an interior stylist for her blog, only to find herself solving his murder amidst a clutter of clues.

Book 5 – A Cranky Case of Murder At The Autostore: Emily takes a temporary job at an auto shop and must solve a mechanical murder mystery hidden in plain sight.

Book 6 – A Colorful Case of Stolen Art At The Gallery: When a local art gallery fundraiser is disrupted by a robbery, Emily investigates the deeper mystery behind the theft.

Book 7 – A Frightful Case of Murder in the Fashion Store: Emily faces a new mystery in Little Oakley’s fashion stores while preparing for a brief return to her old corporation.

Book 8 – A Beastly Case of Murder At The Bookstore: Emily Cherry’s passion for reading leads her to investigate a mysterious death in a bookshop, turning her literary world into a crime scene.

Book 9 – A Murky Case of Murder at the Movies: Emily dives into the world of cinema to solve a chilling murder mystery hidden behind the glitz and glamour of the silver screen.

Book 10 – A Closing Case of Murder for Emily Cherry: Emily seeks to uncover the truth behind her husband’s death with the help of DC Alyssa Bradley in the series’ thrilling conclusion.

You’ll fall in love with this fun, light-hearted cozy mystery series. Every page will keep your mind turning to catch the clues and bring the culprits to justice

Join Emily Cherry for an unforgettable ten book adventure!

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: Mystery
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2024
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An Emily Cherry Cozy Mystery Boxset
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