Amish Christmas Basket

Amish Christmas Basket

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About the Book

Summer widow Abigail Troyer has nothing but loneliness to look forward to this Christmas – until a mysterious basket arrives on her doorstep…
The joy of summer turns to sadness when a tragic accident takes Abigail’s husband. Her broken heart is reconciled to Gott’s will, but even her trust in God’s mercy doesn’t dull the pain.

Christmas is approaching and but for her three children, the Amish widow has little to celebrate.

Until a mysterious basket arrives on her doorstep.

Who is the gift from?

Amish Widower Boaz Miller is no stranger to heartbreak. Losing his wife and child left a chasm that nothing can fill.

Until a mysterious basket arrives on his doorstep.

Boaz too wonders where the unexpected gift came from.

As the weeks pass, more gifts arrive until the real treasure is given, one that had been hidden in plain sight all along.

And the identity of the gift giver?

You will need to read Amish Christmas Basket to find out…

Genre: Amish Romance
Tags: 2022-christmas, Grace Given Standalone Titles
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2022
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Amish Christmas Basket
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