A Pig, A Pie and Two Blue Ribbon Brides

A Pig, A Pie and Two Blue Ribbon Brides

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About the Book

Vienne is trying desperately to support herself and her six-month-old baby when she is threatened with having baby Cooper taken away. A promising mail order bride advertisement causes her to flee to Oregon.

Her “intended” only finds out he is about to be married the day before she arrives, discovering that his meddling father had placed an advert for a bride without his even knowing about it.

It is not long before Pop Otis has his own surprise to deal with though, and is bitten by the “love bug” too when a winning woman sweeps him off his feet.

The county fair furnishes them all with prizes galore, but it is the two blue-ribbon brides who win the day!

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tag: Misty Shae Standalone Titles
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2020
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A Pig, A Pie and Two Blue Ribbon Brides
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