A Love Too Precious Audiobook

A Love Too Precious Audiobook

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About the Book

Mark Murray is the middle child of Lord Victor Murray, the Duke of Pembington. He’s always been the obedient and good son, but when his brother marries the woman he loves, he believes its time for him to step up and take control of his own life.

Despite his father’s hopes of finding him a wealthy wife to prop the family’s failing fortunes, Mark instead heads out to carve his own existence, which quickly drives his destiny to its lowest point.

Young Murray finds himself working as a humble stable hand, an unknown son of a duke in the dirt and doldrums of horse manure and long unkind hours.

Until Amanda Milton walks into his life.

As the only daughter of a Diamond miner, she has no interests of being married off to a boorish duke, earl or marquis and she sets out to show her father that she can find a man of her own.

Will destinies converge to bring their hearts together as one, or will the gulf that separates them keep them apart? What could happen to bring a lady of means into the life of a humble stable hand?

Listen to A Love Too Precious and find out….

Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Tara-Louise Kaye
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A Love Too Precious Audiobook
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