A Love Discovered Audiobook

A Love Discovered Audiobook

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About the Book

Noelle Boyd is a fearless detective, much to the chagrin of the city crime lords, who want her dead.

Fearing for his friend’s life, her captain enlists the help of a friend, Molly White, to devise a reason to get her out of the city and to safety.

Under the pretense of finding the truth about a young man accused of murder, Noelle travels to Fort Walla Walla, not knowing that the real reason is a Molly-made matchmaking adventure straight to the unsuspecting arms of one of Jethro’s sons—Pierce Knerr.

When criminal threats conspire to cut off the budding romance before it begins, only true love and justice are powerful enough to overcome the odds.

The Seven Sons of Jethro is a delightful series that follows the trail of long-suffering father Jethro’s quest to marry each of his sons to a good Christian wife. Each story is a wonderful tale in itself, and can be enjoyed as a satisfying stand-alone, but be warned, once you listen to one, you won’t be able to resist finding out what became of the other sons and their stories.

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Bobbie Helland
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A Love Discovered Audiobook
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