A Lord Loves Again Audiobook

A Lord Loves Again Audiobook

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About the Book

Lord Victor Murray tries to convince himself that he’s in a good place. This is because his three children have made good choices in marriage partners, and they are so happy. The stark truth is that seeing how happy his family is reminds him of a time when he too experienced such deep love. Though he doesn’t want his children to know it, he is very lonely.

Doris Graham didn’t expect to ever find love again after her husband of 20 years died. Her art has kept her busy, but she admits that she is lonely, especially when she meets Victor Murray after saving his grandson from would-be kidnappers.

Instead of thanking her, however, he accuses her of being behind the sinister plot in the first place. She is so angry at the man. Maybe, he deserves a piece of her mind, but her heart still beats for him.

Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Tara-Louise Kaye
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A Lord Loves Again Audiobook
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