A Huge Hollywood Mystery in a Quiet English Village

A Huge Hollywood Mystery in a Quiet English Village

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About the Book

Lily McGee has had enough of Hollywood! After an altercation with the director of a movie she was working on, she decides to leave it all behind and live in a small English village to try her hand at writing murder mysteries.

Lily soon finds that her cozy crime-writing skills become crime-fighting skills as her sharp mind and amateur sleuthing is ability is called upon to solve an array of strange happenings in little Didlington!

Starting with her first case, in which she has to prove her own innocence…
Didlington St. Wilfrid is an idyllic location for an aspiring cozy mystery writer. However, Lily finds that her past quickly comes back to haunt her as the movie crew arrives to scout for a location.

And it gets worse. The director, a difficult genius, ends up being murdered.

Unfortunately for Lily, the book she has been writing is based on her life in Hollywood, a story in which a difficult director reaches his grisly end. The uncanny coincidence makes Lily the prime suspect!

Not wanting to end up locked up for life in a country jail, she must unravel the mystery before it’s too late, but investigating a murder is far more dangerous than writing about one, as Lily McGee soon finds out.

Series: Lily McGee Cozy Mysteries, Book 1
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: Mystery
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2022
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A Huge Hollywood Mystery in a Quiet English Village
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