A Final Slice of Crime Audiobook

A Final Slice of Crime Audiobook

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About the Book

Summer is in full bloom, and so is Sammy’s baking with her new experiment of hummingbird cakes. But the quiet town of Sunny Cove is thrown into chaos once again when the clerk at the Gas ‘n’ Guzzle is found dead behind the building.

Sammy wants to help, as usual, but the situation is made even more complicated by the fact that her ex-husband has suddenly shown up in town, and he’s the prime suspect! And then, when Sammy’s boss begins acting strangely, our amateur sleuth and baking champion is starting to feel so overwhelmed, she’s not sure she’ll ever get to the bottom of this mystery.

Join Sammy on a culinary cozy expedition that also provides a few romantic ingredients as she discovers that someone very special has had his sights on her for a long, long time!

This is the 13th story in the Baker’s Dozen series of cozy mysteries, making this a full basket of delicious whodunnits! Listen to it today.

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Joanna Roddy
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A Final Slice of Crime Audiobook
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