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The Homeward Bound short story trilogy charts the challenging road that brings two hearts to their Sabbath rest of love for each other, and faith in our Heavenly Father's will for their lives together.

Zeke Breneman’s heart craves the wonders of a wide world, filled with adventure. His best friend, Sara Miller, longs for nothing more than the simple Amish life she already enjoys, and the heart and hand of the man she has long expected to marry.

When she refuses to leave her home to follow Zeke’s ambitions, she is brokenhearted and fearful that the world will swallow Zeke, and with it her hopes of a beautiful future with the man she loves.

Will the enthusiasm of Zeke for an exciting life as a travelling writer swallow all that he has known and loved, or will he return to his first love and to his Gott?

“Everyone’s heart is looking for a home. A resting place where life is lived knowing who we are, and why we are here. As you follow this beautiful tale of Sara and Zeke, I know that you will relate to some of the challenges they face along the way. But more than that, you will see how true love, and faith in God's will, can overcome and bring home even the hardest of hearts." Grace Given, author

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